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Threads by Nomad has a sister non-profit, The Off Ramp, founded in 2019. The Off Ramp has the goal of creating further opportunities to thrive for those who are displaced or in danger of displacement. Together, Threads by Nomad and The Off Ramp seek to help end the cycle of poverty for these individuals by investing in them and their talents. The Off Ramp is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

The Off Ramp supports Threads by Nomad through the giving of grants. If you would like to support Threads by Nomad and receive a tax deduction, consider giving to The Off Ramp. You can even specify that you want your donation to be applied to the "Threads by Nomad" project. For more information on what these two organizations do and the relationship between them, take a moment to watch the video below!


If you would like to support Threads by Nomad and its mission to provide sustainable professional opportunities to refugees or those in danger of displacement, the easiest way is to send us a check. Please make out the check to Threads by Nomad and send it to 9833 Sandra Ann Court, Houston, TX 77025. Since Threads by Nomad is a for-profit business, this gift is not tax deductible.


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