We were delivering food baskets to refugees. A volunteer called us. They had met a newly arrived family from Pakistan. The man told them he was a tailor. That is how we met Munir.


Since that time Munir has worked on a contract basis for Threads by Nomad. He is a skilled tailor. Most recently Munir has entered into a relationship with Threads by Nomad's non-profit sister, The Off Ramp. He wants his own tailoring business. He saved up and was able to purchase an industrial sewing machine. He was also able to secure a larger place to live so he can set his business up in an extra room. Now he needs a serger machine.


To accomplish this Munir is making coffee cup sleeves from the scrap fabric we have given him! When you purchase one of these coffee cup sleeves, all of the proceeds will go into a project fund for the needed machine and other supplies. We love working with Munir. He is a joy to be around and we appreciate his determination to succeed!


UPDATE: The Off Ramp, our sister non-profit, has made a giant leap forward in this project. Munir now has a serger and can move his business forward by doing more professional work. We still have coffee cup sleeves available and moving forward the proceeds from this project will go toward additional supplies and a computer! The sleeves make great hostess gifts and stocking stuffers!

The Off Ramp: Munir's Coffee Sleeves



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