Our dolls are one of a kind; each one is unique and hand-made using our fabric scraps. This helps us avoid waste and offer our customers truly special gifts. Each doll comes with a name, a country, a story, and a handwritten note to his/her new friend.


If you would like a doll from a specific country and with a specific name, email us at support@threadsbynomad.com. We are happy to create a doll just for you!


My name is Osmin. I am from Honduras. My name means “Godly protection.” That is a very good name for me since I have experienced Godly protection! My area of the world has had trouble with gangs. When our cousin was killed my parents knew we needed a safer place to live. So we began a long journey to the United States. We walked some. We were on a train and then a bus and then a taxi. I was very tired but it was a great adventure. Finally we came to a river. The water was rushing by so fast. My parents paid a man to help us. He put me on his shoulders to cross over. My mother started crying and screaming. The water was separating us and she was afraid. We made it to the other side and my mother grabbed me and just cried and cried. She was so happy we were safe. I will miss Honduras, but I am glad for Godly protection from gangs and fast rivers. I am so glad to come and live with you in this new safe home!

Osmin from Honduras

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