Do you have a bunch of clothes hanging in your closet unworn? Perhaps they are meaningful pieces that will never fit again but you can't bring yourself to give away. Perhaps you hope to fit back into them one day. Or perhaps they are simply no longer practical for your life. We have a solution! Let us create a patchwork jacket for you using the clothing you can't give up but can no longer wear! 


Christen's jacket, pictured here, is made up of clothing she purchased during her travels that no longer fits her weight or lifestyle. Some of the patches are from Nell's clothes she had passed down that neither one can wear now. We even snuck some fabric remnants from past collections in there! The options are endless!


Here's how it works:

1. Purchase the customization here.

2. We'll reach out, confirm the details of your customization (including size), and send you the address so you can ship us the clothing you want to use. (The shipping charge when you purchase your customization is the return shipping upon completion.)

3. We will send your beautiful new jacket back to you to love and wear for many more years!


Note on this style of patchwork: This bomber-style jacket is the Threads by Nomad take on a traditional West African style called "baay faal." Hundreds of years ago, a tribal leader in West Africa began having a heart for the poor. So instead of buying a new garment, he would patch what he already owned until his entire garment was a patchwork! Eventually, he had many followers who also wore patched clothing. Today, it's more fashion trend than political statement, but we support both!

The Custom Patchwork Jacket



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