These sweaters are 100% Merino wool.


Two women in Kyrgyzstan made our sweaters for us, through our partnership with The Master's Handicrafts. Their names are Zulya and Zarina, and they are from the Dungan people group—a Chinese muslim group that migrated to Central Asia in the late 1800s.


Zulya has three boys, one soon to be married. Her husband has finally found stable work as a heavy equipment operator after years of instability and financial struggles. Zulya’s work with The Master’s Handicrafts has helped to provide basic essentials for their family for 6 years now, and she says she doesn’t know what she would do if she didn’t have this work. It not only helps them provide for their needs, but it allows her to do something she absolutely loves. She feels like something is missing in her life if she doesn’t have some kind of handwork to do.


Zarina is Zulya’s sister-in-law. They’re married to brothers. Zarina and her husband have four children. She is incredibly talkative and keeps they team laughing while they work. She has grown the most of all of the team's crafters from quite a bit of carelessness and sloppiness to much better attention to detail and care for quality. The work she has done for The Master’s Handicrafts over the last 6 years has allowed her to buy a chest freezer, an automatic washing machine, cement to add a shower room to their home, and she received a significant loan so that her family could continue work on the new house they’re building on their property.


Zarina and Zulya have already been paid for their work and time. But the purchase of one of these sweaters enables Threads by Nomad to continue investing in artisans and small business owners who are displaced or in danger of displacement.


The Kyrgyzstani Cardigan

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