Nearly a decade ago, a neighbor I did not know well picked up on the fact that I spent as much time as humanly possible at our building's pool. One day, she approached me with a pillow...a pool pillow. It was not nearly as streamlined as ours but I was instantly smitten. A pillow covered in terrycloth that could easily cleaned and to be used at the pool for additional comfort without worrying! I used it every time I spent time outside for years until I lost it on a trip several years ago.


When Mom suggested that we design swimsuit cover ups this summer, I remembered my pool pillow and insisted we make one for our customers! (Admittedly, the suggestion was also extremely self-serving!) We streamlined the design: hidden zippers instead of velcro, terrycloth fabric instead of actual towels, and we made them smaller because my old one was so big it was a pain to carry on. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the result. 


For now, they come in one size (14 x 20) and three colors. But if this catches on the way I hope it does (again, slightly self-serving) we'll come up with additional sizes and colors!


SPECIAL DEAL: If you purchase a cover up as well as a pool pillow we will offer you $10 off the pool pillow bringing the price down to just $22! Just use the code SWIM10 at checkout!

The Pool Pillow

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